Why Style Matters


The first impression you make is almost 100% based on your appearance. It’s not because people are shallow, but simply because they don’t know you yet! They can’t judge you on character until they’ve had a chance to interact with you and get to know you more. Until then, style is how you communicate with your outward appearance and manner. Whether you’re in a job interview or on a first date, your personal style matters a lot, and here’s how:

Style Tells People Who You Are

Your style is more than the clothing you wear. It is how you present yourself to the world, and how you connect with others. Understand your strengths and traits, and convey that essence with your mannerisms and clothing. For example, if you like to put people at ease, then perhaps your clothing is more relaxed. If you’re a high energy, get-er-done kind of guy, you might wear bolder colors that reflect that.

Style Shows Confidence

Unique style shows that you’re willing to stand out and be yourself. You can remind people of how you’re different than anyone else through a hat, tie, or pair of shoes. And your expressions are part of your style too! When you smile at others, you show both your interest and your confidence.

Style Helps You Transform

The clothing you wear helps you embody the person that you want to become. A research study showed that people who wear doctor’s lab coats were shown to answer questions faster and better because they think of themselves as smarter! So, if you want a promotion or raise, start dressing like the role of the person you’d like to be.

Style Increases Success

Clothing or items you wear can have a “talisman effect.” This means that we associate specific items with certain images or visions, which you can use in your favor. Find a signature piece you can wear or hold, that gives you a feeling or reminds you of an aspiration. For example, if you think pocket watches are a symbol of someone with success, start carrying one – especially to important events such as a job interview.  You can be the guy with the suspenders, or the baseball hat, or the gold earring. Whatever it is, stick with and wear as much as possible.

Style Increases Self Awareness

When you know yourself better, you can demonstrate your personality through your style. You’ll begin to learn what looks good on your body style, what you feel comfortable in, and which colors look good next to your skin. Start paying attention and apply the principles you learn. Look at the magazines, talk to your local retailer, or seek advice from a stylist if you aren’t a natural at this.

Style increases connection

People love to see your personality through your clothing. Think about how you want to make people feel, and how your style can help you do that. You can use your style to bring up memories and an emotional response to the people you meet every day. Consider how something you wear might strike up a conversation.


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