Why the Post-Pandemic Economy is the Best Time to Join the Construction Industry

Wednesday, 01 September
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It can be tough to get your bearings when there’s so much talk of uncertainty and fear going around. In reality, things are looking brighter than they ever have following the pandemic, especially for craftsmen. In fact, now might just be the best time to enter the construction industry! Don’t believe us? Well, we’ll prove it. Here, we’ll take a look at some reasons why you might want to consider becoming a craftsman in the post-pandemic economy.

You don’t have to attend college.

Careers weren’t the only major life plans derailed by the pandemic. Many would-be students decided to enter the workforce instead of going to college due to financial uncertainty. Even in the post-pandemic market, universities are reporting steep drops in enrollment as more and more people are questioning the value of a college degree as tuition rates continue rising.

As a craftsman, you can avoid the financial stressors of college while still landing a high-earning position. Plus, there’s less time in between when you complete your training and when you can enter the workforce. College graduates have to wait four years in between high school and employment while skilled craftsmen can complete a program within just a few months. That gives you a considerable head start in terms of earning.

There’s a growing demand for increased demand

While other industries are still struggling to get their footing in the post-pandemic market, the construction industry has hit the ground running with no signs of slowing down. In fact, United States Construction Databook Series predicts the sector will grow more than 15% in 2021 – a rate massively outpacing other sectors.

Record-low mortgage rates, limited inventory, and a robust federal infrastructure plan are all pointing towards further demand down the road. As a craftsman, this means more job opportunities and increased job security. This is music to the ears of anyone searching for something stable in the midst of so much uncertainty.

There’s a high demand for skilled workers.

After hearing about the growing demand for construction labor, you might assume the competition is fierce. Despite the bright outlook of the sector, the construction industry is actually experiencing a major shortage of skilled workers as it struggles to replace an aging workforce, making it an ideal time to enter.

Over a period of seven years, the number of craftsmen aged 25-54 declined by 6% while those 55 and older increased by 5%. The rate of older workers in the construction industry is rising quicker than in any other industry. You’d be hard-pressed to find another sector that’s this eager to bring on new talent. It’s nearly a guaranteed job opportunity once you complete the necessary training.

You’ll get essential worker status

Job stability has always been a major advantage of working in the construction industry. No matter the market conditions, there’s always been a demand for craftsmen and their unique skills. The COVID-19 pandemic only reinforced this notion. While entire industries were being shut down and millions of people laid off, craftsmen were deemed “essential workers”.

This label protected craftsmen from unforeseen furloughs and firings and made it easier to weather the economic turmoil created by the pandemic. As uncertainty still hangs over the heads of other industries, many people are turning towards the construction industry for job security. Along with healthcare employees and critical retail workers, craftsmen have one of the only truly pandemic-proof jobs available.

Eager to take advantage of the growing demand in the construction industry? You’re in the right place! Visit IamMadden.com today to browse a list of the latest job opportunities. Madden Craftsmen is committed to helping talented craftsmen find rewarding positions with local construction employees. Not qualified yet? Not a problem! You can join our apprenticeship program to receive the training you need while having an opportunity to earn some money too.

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