Resources For Women Interested In The Trades

There’s such an urgent need for skilled workers in the trades, this is a great time for women to enter the field. In fact, a career in the trades will often pay more than most office jobs that women traditionally have been hired for, and the pay gap is much more narrow than most industries!. … Continue reading “Resources For Women Interested In The Trades”

Why Women Should Consider The Trades

Nationwide, only about 7% of the trades are made up of women, and in Portland, OR, it’s only slightly higher at 9%. Many women haven’t traditionally considered a job in the trades, largely because there’s not a lot of examples in popular culture that depict female construction workers, truck drivers, and other blue collar jobs. … Continue reading “Why Women Should Consider The Trades”

Common Misconceptions About the Construction Industry (And Why They’re Wrong)

Despite being one of the largest employers in the entire US economy, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around about the construction industry. Many of these misunderstandings or downright falsehoods are keeping prospective craftsmen out of the field. Here, we’ll set the record straight once and for all by clearing the air on some … Continue reading “Common Misconceptions About the Construction Industry (And Why They’re Wrong)”

Our Favorite Charitable Partners

We’re proud to say that here at Madden we’ve been working with local experts and organizations to help fellow craftsmen and others in our community in times of need. Here are some of our favorite organizations that we love to partner with to help support everything from working in the trades to full-blown crisis management: … Continue reading “Our Favorite Charitable Partners”

Scholarships Available in the Trades

Most of us craftsmen know how Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe has been raising concerns about how much money is spent in a traditional 4-year college degree. The US Student Loan Debt has been climbing to new heights, now over 1.5 trillion dollars, which will likely take decades to pay off. This is especially concerning … Continue reading “Scholarships Available in the Trades”

Great YouTube Channels for Craftsmen

There are some really fantastic YouTube videos online that give incredibly useful building project examples and tips from talented craftsmen. Whether you’re searching for some guidance, or just want to be entertained, these are some channels to peek at:   The Essential Craftsman Scott Wadsworth from Roseburg Oregon hosts videos related to blacksmithing, general construction, … Continue reading “Great YouTube Channels for Craftsmen”

Don’t Have a Human Resources Department? Madden Can Help

Madden helps you find the best craftsmen, so that you can skip all the pre-screening, personal interviews, reference checks, and more, and get on to building something quick. However, you may not realize all the other extras you have available to you, just from being a client of ours. Beyond recruiting, we also offer many … Continue reading “Don’t Have a Human Resources Department? Madden Can Help”


job for vets Military Veterans Make Great Craftsmen Veterans like you have skills that are inherently valued in any workplace. Because of the structured environment and training you received while in the service, you are naturally apt at many sought-after traits such as teamwork, problem-solving, and safety. Madden helps you land the job so you … Continue reading “Veterans”

Marine Staffing 2

All apprentices enter employment when they begin an apprenticeship program All apprentices enter employment when they begin an apprenticeship program All apprentices enter employment when they begin an apprenticeship program MADDEN NEEDS A FEW GOOD CRAFTSMEN PORTLAND JOBS VANCUVER JOBS SEATTLE JOBS EVERETT JOBS TRY OUR “ 1 – MINUTE JOB APP ” Articles Why … Continue reading “Marine Staffing 2”

Our Story

Our Story is Building We are Madden, an industrial staffing company that has been building business, craftsmen, and community for 30 years in the Pacific Northwest. Madden Industrial Craftsmen is a local family-owned company with deep roots in the Northwest. Started by Ron Madden in 1988, the Madden family has continued to build its good … Continue reading “Our Story”

The Modern Craftsman

The quintessential craftsman has an appreciation for excellence and precision in his work. And in this hurried internet age, the pursuit of mastering and honing a craft has become a rare endeavor. Because of that, we at Madden have noticed a growing demand for the men and women who never stop striving to get better … Continue reading “The Modern Craftsman”