Our Favorite Charitable Partners


We’re proud to say that here at Madden we’ve been working with local experts and organizations to help fellow craftsmen and others in our community in times of need. Here are some of our favorite organizations that we love to partner with to help support everything from working in the trades to full-blown crisis management:

Play Fit Fun

Play Fit Fun is an organization that helps families with health, fitness and nutrition ideas. They have organized curriculum and positive environment to provide kids 1-3 hours of play and activity.

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Oregon Tradeswomen

We love this Oregon-based organization that leads the country in encouraging women in the trades.  They offer innovative trades training programs and other assistance to organizations seeking to be inclusive of women in their trade occupations with the support of almost 400 industry employer members.

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Ronald McDonald House

This organization keeps families with sick children together by providing a home environment for the space and support that they need! Volunteers at local chapters do everything from cooking to event planning to raising funds, and many just simply listen and give the families moral support. Our own Kelsey Scotch has been involved on the “Friends of the Board” for the past year.  Here in Oregon there are 3 chapters in Portland and one in Bend.

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Career Pathways

Career Pathways is a nationally renowned job training program in the trades offered through Portland Community College. They recently partnered with Madden to launch the Madden Apprenticeship Program (MAP), when the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Apprenticeship revised its policy last year to allow temporary staffing agencies to handle apprenticeship programs, something that wasn’t previously allowed. Through PCC’s Career Pathways, our apprentices learn under a Master Tradesman – or several – through our employer partners for these apprenticeship and training opportunities.

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PCC Foundation & Scholarship

PCC has hundreds of Foundation scholarships to help students afford an education with funding that helps pay for tuition, fees, and books. The Madden family has established a dedicated scholarship with the PCC Foundation for students at PCC that are majoring in Building Construction Technology to help support education and apprenticeship opportunities in the trades. Preference is given to students who are Madden employees or are dependent of a Madden employee.

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Lines For Life

Lines For Life is a Portland-based suicide and substance abuse prevention nonprofit organization that we here at Madden love to support, especially because they have been appointed and funded as the backup center for the national Veterans Crisis Line. We here at Madden know that veterans are particularly vulnerable, as they account for a quarter of all suicide here in Oregon. Lines For Life has many volunteer opportunities if you’re interested in getting involved with us.

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If you’re interested in these organizations, please give us a call so that we can connect you to the best person. Or if you’re looking for top craftsmen for your building project – charitable or not – contact Madden Craftsmen today! We can help you attract and hire the best craftsmen for your next project.