The Top 6 Construction Software

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Completing any construction project requires expert coordination, organization, and oversight. Construction software can help project managers better execute their roles with a variety of tools, resources, and capabilities. However, the sheer number of construction software options available on the market can make it hard to know what’s the best.

It’s critical to understand how these products work and what they offer construction managers. You want to find a project management solution that aligns with your business goals, current workflows, and personal preferences. Let’s take a look at 6 of the top construction software to make the search process easier for you.

1.’s aggressive marketing strategy has burst this fairly new project management software onto the market with impressive speed. While it’s easy to cast aside as a run-of-the-mill project management tool, its dynamic features, and seamless workflow have some unique advantages for project managers. It’s an entirely cloud-based software allowing construction leaders to connect the various elements of their business in one convenient place. The main advantage you’ll see from is increased collaboration and improved connectivity. It’s available on various devices with a streamlined and easy-to-use workflow.

2.   Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a powerful project management solution allowing construction managers to effectively automate certain processes, improve oversight, delegate tasks, and manage projects. You’ll find it easier to shorten the timeline of projects with pre-built solutions for safety protocol, preconstruction steps, quality control, reporting management, and so much more. Smartsheets is a swiss knife of construction software solutions with a litany of capabilities including cost estimates, forms, reports, dashboards, portals, and everything else you need to keep a project running smoothly.

3.   Fieldwire

Fieldwire is a leading construction software specifically designed for job site management. You might not find all the bells and whistles on generic project management software, but it’s perfected the essentials to support construction leaders in executing their key responsibilities. It supports multiple forms of media including videos, notes, and photos to improve data capturing and information sharing. Managers can message teams and craftsmen directly so everybody remains on the same page. There are also personalized reports and schedules

4.   Procore

Procore is a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for project managers that combines project management, financial management, resource management, and preconstruction management all under a single platform. It simplifies the entire project process from beginning to end by improving oversight, communication, and data gathering for better decision-making. It comes with a host of useful tools including emails, time cards, drawings, RFIs, customizable tasks, a contact directory, and document organization.

5.   eSUB

eSUB is another cloud-based project management software built specifically to support construction professionals. It boasts a suite of management tools ranging from project profitability and labor productivity to project visibility and resource oversight. You can stay on top of all moving parts with daily reports, accurate tracking, and Gantt charts. eSUB provides unlimited storage, contact and vendor information, and even equipment rental information. It’s a fantastic option for project managers that want no-nonsense, stripped-down yet sufficient software to get the job done on time and under budget.

6.   Autodesk Build

Autodesk Build is a singular feature of the overarching Autodesk Construction Cloud program that offers both project and field management features. This comprehensive tool offers a wide range of solutions for project, quality, and safety management. Project managers can use Autodesk Build to collaborate with teams and other leaders on project tasks, schedules, and timelines to keep things running smoothly. Users have the ability to advance meetings with item tracking and commitment features, improve the review process with committed tools, and connect various devices such as phones, tablets, and computers. It even offers markup tools for 2D and 3D drawings for better ideation and brainstorming. 

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