Why Project Managers Are Hesitant to Digitalize (And Why They Shouldn’t)

Wednesday, 30 June
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As a project manager, you’re responsible for overseeing and managing the various moving parts that make up a construction site. From the health and safety of your team to the procurement of required equipment and the timely execution of the project, you have a lot on your plate. Luckily, there are some handy technological advancements that make the job easier than it was just a few years ago.

Although project managers pride themselves on running their sites and teams optimally, it’s not always easy to stay ahead of the most recent tech trends. Here, we’ll take a look at some reasons why a manager might be hesitant to adopt new technology and why these thoughts are wrong.

Misconception #1: It’s too expensive to digitalize the job site.

Budgetary limitations are one of the main concerns project managers have when it comes to modernizing their operations. However, the best technologies will more than make up for their initial cost of investment in the long term. It’s easy to develop a short-term outlook when you’re making important decisions on a daily basis. Viewing digitalization as an investment instead of a typical expense can help put things into perspective. Here are some ways the right technology can put more money in your account:

  • You can complete projects in a shorter amount of time.
  • It’ll allow your team to handle more work.
  • You can avoid accident-related costs.
Misconception #2: The technology is too complicated.

Another concern among project managers is the learning curve teams will face in order to fully take advantage of the technology. Many assume that new tools are simply too complex and involved to be worth the investment. It’s important to bear in mind that construction-oriented technologies are specifically designed for the jobs craftsmen perform on a daily basis. As long as you’re choosing a reputable tool, your team shouldn’t have any trouble mastering it within just a few weeks. This technology is built by industry professionals to integrate easily into your current workflow.

Misconception #3: My team won’t use the technology.

Project managers rightly consider how the adoption of new strategies will negatively impact their team’s current operations. It’s a necessary form of damage control that comes with the job but isn’t always well-placed. With regards to new technology, some site managers don’t think it’s worthwhile because their craftsmen won’t use it. Throughout our decades of experience in the construction industry, we haven’t seen this to be the case. First and foremost, your team is tech-savvy enough to learn construction-oriented programs quickly. They’re also always open to trying new strategies that will increase efficiency and improve safety.

Misconception #4: The transition will be too disruptive.

You’re always looking for ways to improve your team’s efficiency. Anything that might threaten the timely completion of a project instantly gets a sideways glance. New tools are no exception. It’s an understandable concern but not something that should hold you back from adopting new technologies. The minor delays or hiccups that you might experience in the short term are nothing compared to the valuable time you’ll repeatedly save in the long run. Besides, there’s a good chance that the construction-specific tools available would fit better into your team’s workflow than the current applications you’re making work.

Misconception #5: Nothing needs to be improved.

One of the most challenging obstacles preventing job sites from digitizing is stubborn project managers who are resistant to change. Even successful and accomplished managers can get stuck in their ways. After years of pulling off successful projects, it’s tempting to think you’ve figured it all out. But this thinking is just a one-way ticket to the back of the line as competitors willing to adapt to new technologies will be able to outperform your team. The need to digitize isn’t a reflection of a project manager’s experience or capabilities. Instead, it’s a reality of the technological growth that’s been sweeping the industry for decades. 

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