Generate Job Satisfaction

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Happy, satisfied employees are up to 20% more productive, and can increase sales by almost 40%! A staff of engaged employees also lower your health care costs and increase your retention rate. Here are some ways you can ensure satisfaction from your craftsmen:

Their goals are aligned with your company values.

Employees are much more engaged at their job if your company is helping them with their personal goals. Continue to ask employees about their aspirations, and how you can help them achieve them. And place a priority on hiring people that fit the culture. Specific skills and techniques can be taught, and they’ll be much faster to apply them when they know it will help them reach their goals.


They have close relationships at work.

Close friendships and relationships increase job satisfaction by 50%. And, the stronger the friendship, that percentage goes up! With a “best friend” at the office, we are 7 times more likely to be happy and engaged. You can encourage friendships with group activities and assignments, as well as incentivizing staff to refer friends that may want to join the team.


You’re willing to give up some control.

Employees want to feel like they have control of their daily activities, as well as their destiny! Of course, there will be some duties and responsibilities that need to be done in a specific way or timeline, but give them as much control over it as you can. If they feel like they made a big contribution, they’ll take more ownership and pride in the project. It’s a bonus if you can offer flexibility and more work-life balance too.


The environment cultivates trust.

Hire the absolute best managers, and continue to enhance their leadership skills. The best way for your craftsmen’s supervisors to build trust is to stay in regular communication. Make it easy for the team to have confidential conversations with their supervisor on a regular basis. They should feel safe sharing an idea, or voicing their opinion. The more frequent the communication, the more opportunity there is to foster trust.


You compensate them well.

When you think about compensation for your hires, consider the whole package. That includes money, vacation, training, health benefits, and recognition! Ask your team what kind of compensation is important to them, so you know how to motivate their work! If the job isn’t a good fit or rewarding for them in some way, a really big paycheck won’t make much difference in the long run. Reward them for significant contributions to your business, and recognize their accomplishments.


If you’re looking for more tips to encourage job satisfaction at your company, call us at Madden. We can help you find happy new hires too!