Keep Your Next Construction Project On Time and In Budget


Construction projects have the unfortunate reputation of taking up to twice as long and costing twice as much as projected. While this is understandable due to the nature of changing material costs and unforeseen site issues, it can severely hurt your reputation and bottom line! Luckily, there are some precautions you can take that will help to keep you on time and budget:

Include a timeline in the contract.

We assume you create a timeline with every project – but if you don’t, this step alone will make a huge difference for you because it helps you set a realistic deadline and budget from the get go. The projected dates for each step helps everyone see the bottleneck that happens if even one step is delayed, and it will highlight any issues that you may have missed without the projection. Including it the contract will help hold you and any partners accountable, and everyone generally takes the deadlines more seriously.


Double and triple check your estimates.

Confirm the building costs before you ink the contract, to avert any surprises. Spend extra time reviewing every step of your timeline. There will be contingencies, so build in 10-20% extra materials cost, as well as a small margin of time for things you don’t anticipate.


Create a system of good communications.

Ideally, the site has a seamless line of communication or connection to the office. An easy flow of updates, reports, and other information between the onsite team and the office will minimize errors and encourage productive collaboration. Collecting information from the field is crucial, and keeping everyone up to date in an efficient manner will minimize delays and overruns.


Use digital tools that can provide data.

Interestingly, construction is one of the least digitized sectors – so you’ll have a big advantage if your team can rely on digital data. The best construction software will share updates with your team in real time to their mobile device. The ability to update the project with weather reports, schedule changes, and a site diary will allow you and your team to be as dynamic as needed. Tracking staff time can also be a big advantage in creating and tracking your budget.


Monitor your timeline and schedule.

It sounds obvious, but review and monitor how each task is coming along on your timeline from start to finish. When done properly, you’ll be able to see which mistakes and delays could delay the project or cost more than anticipated, so that you can make up time or budget elsewhere.


Pay attention to details.

Project creep happens when little expenses and tasks, that seem small, add up. Plan ahead to ensure you’re fully supplied with materials and tools you need to do the job each and every day. Make quick decisions and keep your communication updates short and to the point. And, when possible, work under budget and ahead of schedule when you can to make up for those little errors and setbacks.


Hire and train the right people.

A portion of your team should comprise of craftsmen who have worked on similar projects before. Their insight will be crucial to keep the project on track. And even the most experienced workers will still need some training on any software or communication procedures, so make sure to build in time to prep the team for any digital tools they’ll be using, the building process and approach, as well as review of construction materials and safety education.


If you need skilled craftsmen to ensure fewer mistakes and faster work, Madden Industrial Staffing is here to help you find the talent you need. Give us a call today, and we’ll match craftsmen with the experience and training you’re looking for!