Unlock These Unbeatable Advantages of Using Drones in Construction

Wednesday, 28 July
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Drones have undergone some impressive changes in the past decade. Technology that once started out as exclusive to military use has now made its way to the commercial market with widespread applications. According to one survey, the biggest user of this technology is actually the construction industry. Here, we’ll take a look at some unrivaled advantages of drone technology and why project managers should consider investing in these futuristic tools.

Improved safety and security

You’re always looking for new ways to make the job site safer for your team. For many tasks, you can remove all risks by using a drone instead of a craftsman. Anytime you need to transport materials or conduct an inspection, drones are a reliable and cost-effective alternative to manpower. Your team won’t have to take unnecessary risks, and you’ll be staying under budget by saving valuable time.

When your team calls it a day, the security of the job site becomes your number one safety concern. Not only are you eager to protect valuable tools and materials, but you also don’t want to be held liable for people who sneak onto the construction zone. With a surveillance drone, you can rest assured your site is protected without having to have security personnel onsite 24/7.

Virtual reality walk-throughs

Construction projects don’t just concern you and your team. There are numerous groups with a vested interest in the progress of the work including stakeholders, building owners, facilities management, designers, and architects. As a project manager, you’re in charge of keeping everyone in the loop, managing expectations, and delivering desired results. Although in-person visits to the site have been the standard in the past, drones offer a viable and cost-effective alternative in virtual walk-throughs.

It’s challenging to have stakeholders visit the job site regularly for a variety of reasons including distance and safety concerns. Drones make it easier to keep everyone updated with pre-recorded or live footage of the project. If you really want to show off, you could invest in the latest VR technology to immerse stakeholders in a 3D  walk-through (or fly-through) of the site.

Captivating marketing content

One of the more creative drone applications for construction companies is through marketing efforts. Drones are capable of getting footage from unique vantage points that make for captivating and immersive advertisement pieces. In order to truly show off the complexity and intricacies of your team’s work, you’ll want to capture projects from all possible angles. With standard photography and videography, you’re limited to ground-level perspectives.

With drones, you’re unlocking nearly unlimited viewpoints. Although drone adoption is increasing in the construction industry, it’s still low enough to help your business stand out from the competition. When choosing between run-of-the-mill footage from a standard camera or sweeping vistas from a drone, potential clients are automatically going to be drawn to the latter. It’s an effective and simple way to generate more leads for your business.

Accurate project surveys

Surveying the site before breaking ground is a vital part of any construction project. Accurate topographic maps increase safety, reduce costs, and increase efficiency by allowing teams to accurately identify potential obstacles and challenges before the project even begins. Unfortunately, topographic maps are expensive and time-consuming to produce, leaving many project managers with a difficult choice between efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Drones eliminate this trade-off altogether by providing construction teams with highly accurate topographic data of project sites without hurting the budget. You’ll also save a considerable amount of time as drones are capable of surveying large swaths of land in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional surveying methods. The vantage point of drones and their technological capabilities ensure the accuracy of their reporting, giving teams a strong foundation from which to start.

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