How To Get More Leads For Construction Work

Workers at construction job site inside building-cm

No matter the size of your construction company, you are likely getting work through the bidding process… which means your livelihood depends on acquiring good leads! And it’s not just about getting more projects or more clients, it’s also about maximizing your efficiency! For example, you might be able to increase your revenue with fewer high-value projects. Or your company might prefer to stick to one type of job or specialty that you do well – and cheap! – over and over again. In any case, here’s some of our suggestions to drumming up more leads for your construction business:


Invest in a List

If you frown upon buying leads, you might be surprised how much time and money it can save you. If you’re a small firm and your skills are better spent on the jobsite than looking for prospects, you should at least consider this option. There are lead lists that are specifically for commercial construction, and others are good for getting homeowner leads for residential work.  Some of them will even offer a free trial so you can see how they operate and whether it works well into yours. Plus, once you invest your hard-earned money, it may help you commit further into completing your sales process regularly. Of course, some leads provided will be dead ends, but so would any leads you gather for yourself! Be realistic about the percentage of bids and closes before you throw up your arms and start claiming the list is bad.


Network with Industry Peers

Reach out to your industry contacts and seek new ones too. Are there developers, architects, or interior designers or realtors that you can contact? Don’t forget about your suppliers and vendors too. As with any networking, ask how you can help them before you ask them for anything! Make sure they know the kind of work you specialize in and consider offering a finders or referral fee if they provide leads to you. Also ask them if they work with other contractors that you can reach out to as well! They’ve got their ears close to the ground and often know exactly who is looking for talented firms like yours.


Bid Projects Faster

It is a balancing act, because you must weigh the time spent giving details to your prospective clients against the possible. Don’t waste your time on proposing work that’s wrong for your company or doesn’t match your business size or skills. You want to focus bids on the jobs that you want most. The bidding process is sped up when you have a niche or specialty package that you do repeatedly for clients, because you’re not starting from scratch with each bid you give. Some software may be able to help you bid faster too and can provide analytics and track results to eventually help you see which bids cost more are effective as well.


Look for Opportunity

There are signs of your work needed everywhere! For example, you are probably seeing lots of lease signs around town, as businesses have closed due to COVID. These are possible opportunities because construction costs with a new tenant can make or break a deal. Seek out stories or news articles about renovations or buildings needed at the local hospital, college, or apartment complexes. Property management companies and mall leasing offices will often turnover spaces and could be looking for a preferred contractor. Keep your eyes out based on what your business does best.


Get Them to Ask You for Bids

When you provide good work and build a good brand, people are going to naturally come to you to ask you for bids. Make it clear what you do best, in your marketing and other communications, so you become known for something. You may also want to sign up as a service partner with a network of online providers that match up homeowners or businesses that are searching for companies like yours with a specific skill or cause in common. Don’t forget to regularly survey your own clients, to find out where they were searching for companies and how they found you too!


Build Relationships with Current Clients

Current and previous clients will be the source of some of your best leads and referrals! That’s because they know what it’s like to work with you and are also more likely to hire you again. Strategize on how you can upsell and convert them to longtime clients. Improve relationships with good communication and updates through emails and phone calls. Keep light touchpoints with them even when the job is done and send them newsletters or digital articles that keep you top of mind. You’ll definitely stand out when you thank them for any referrals – even a hand-written note and Amazon gift card is more than most businesses will do!


And if you’re looking for good talent that can help you with a job that came from a recent lead, contact Madden Industrial Craftsmen today! We help employers like you find talent with the skills and goals that are the right fit for your next building project!