How Much Can You Earn as a Construction Worker?

Wednesday, 21 September
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There are plenty of myths about a career in the construction industry. These unfortunate misconceptions keep people from realizing how fulfilling and rewarding it is to work as a craftsman. Among the more detrimental myths is that construction workers don’t earn a lot of money. This can immediately turn away potential craftsmen from even considering the career. It’s time to set the record straight once and for all. Here’s what you can actually earn as a construction worker.

What’s the average income of construction laborers?

According to the US Bureau of Labor of Statistics, the average construction worker earns an annual wage of $37,520. That’s well above the average income in the US which hovers around $31,000, shattering the myth that skilled laborers earn less than their counterparts. And that’s just the average. The top 10% of craftsmen earn over $62,590 annually in the construction industry which is above the average starting salary of four-year degree holders which sits at $55,260. As you can see, income is yet another benefit the trades can offer above higher education.

What’s the highest a craftsman can earn?

Money might not be the only factor you think about when looking at potential careers, but it’s definitely one of the most important considerations. After all, it can influence all aspects of your life including living standards, health, and so much more. Now that you know what construction workers can make on average, you’re probably interested in knowing about the upper echelons of the industry. So, let’s get into it. The highest-earning construction laborer positions can bring in an impressive salary of $98,000. Keep in mind that this income represents a very small percentage of the most highly skilled and sought-after craftsmen. The overwhelming majority of craftsmen will earn less while still making a great living.

Can you earn money during an apprenticeship?

One of the most common ways for aspiring craftsmen to develop the skills and expertise needed to enter into the field as a qualified professional is through an apprenticeship. These programs generally last between six months and a few years and provide students with hands-on experience in the construction field. Although it’s not a feature of all apprenticeships, some programs allow participants to earn an income while developing essential skills for their future careers. It’s the perfect way to make a living and study at the same time.

Tips for improving your income as a craftsman.

Improve your skills.

There’s plenty of upward mobility in the construction industry, especially with the industry-wide labor shortage. The more qualified and skilled you become, the higher you’ll be able to climb in the hierarchy. Project managers are more likely to offer higher compensation to craftsmen that bring more value to the team.

Develop specializations.

Beyond improving the skills you already have, you can improve your potential income as a craftsman by specializing in specific areas. After receiving foundational training, you can move on to develop more specific knowledge that most craftsmen don’t have. You could learn how to use advanced technology or tool which makes you more sough-after to employers.

Work with expert staffers.

Half the battle of increasing your salary as a craftsman is finding the right construction gigs. That’s where a staffing expert can help. These professionals help construction professionals find the best-fit jobs based on their skill level, income potential, and personal preferences. You can save a lot of time, energy, and hassle working with these hiring experts instead of navigating the complex market on your own.

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