What Craftsmen Want From Their Employers

Wednesday, 28 June
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Many construction leaders used to be craftsmen themselves, giving them valuable insights into what craftsmen expect from their employers. However, that connection doesn’t necessarily mean project managers always know what their teams are looking for. Whether you’re just getting started in a leadership position or have been at the helm for decades, it’s always a good idea to recall what craftsmen want from their employers.

Craftsmen need to know their input matters.

Craftsmen at all levels are eager to have their voices heard, and project managers stand to gain a lot from their that input. Your craftsmen know the ins and outs of your business and can offer perspectives you might not have considered. Plus, this inclusion will lead to greater efficiency as nearly two-thirds of employees report being more productive when they feel heard. In other words, the more you hear out your employees, the more you get out of them.

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They want to feel like part of the team.

There’s an undeniable camaraderie built between craftsmen over the years. While it’s a great motivator for veteran members, this tight-knit aspect can actually become a barrier to new or temporary hires. As a project manager, it’s your job to ensure everyone feels like a member of the team. You’ll need to create cohesion between seasoned and green craftsmen, keep fresh recruits up to date, and include everyone in as many decisions as possible.  The extra effort you put forth to make everyone part of the team has direct payoffs. A Gallup survey actually found that worker productivity drops by 21% when they feel isolated from the rest of the team.

Craftsmen want to know where the company is going.

Unfortunately, only 14% of employees understand the direction and strategy of their business. Some managers mistakenly assume that their employees don’t care about these “top-level” concerns. In reality, knowing where the business is going can give craftsmen a greater sense of purpose by clarifying their role in the larger scheme. This doesn’t mean you have to democratize managerial decisions. It’s simply about communicating your business’s objective, strategy, and vision. This connection can improve productivity, boost cooperation, and align your company’s culture with its goals.

Your team wants to know their safety is a priority.

Trust is an essential component of a smoothly-functioning job site. A team that doesn’t completely trust its leadership will always be second-guessing and rethinking. On the other hand, a team that knows you have their best interests at heart can focus on their work and follow your directions confidently. The most effective way to develop this trust is to invest in your team’s safety by buying the best equipment, holding regular safety training sessions, and responding to safety concerns shared by craftsmen.

They want to see investments in their long-term success.

Project managers in the construction industry are faced with a challenging employee turnover rate. A key to keeping employees engaged and committed is investing in their long-term success. Craftsmen need to feel they have a future within your organization before they’re willing to dedicate valuable time and energy. Although compensation is an obvious and fundamental part of the equation, you can also invest in employees through generous benefits, educational opportunities, further training, and more.

Craftsmen want constructive criticism.

Craftsmen are proud of their work, but that doesn’t mean they shy away from constructive criticism. In fact, just the opposite. Your team is eager for feedback so they can hone their skills and deliver results that align with your expectations. Offer helpful suggestions and clarified instructions when improvements are needed. And, when craftsmen hit the nail on the head, let them know! Striking the right balance between support and praise keeps teams motivated and improving.

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