5 Tips to Help Your Construction Crew Avoid Burnout

Monday, 18 July
Employee burnout

Your clients want their construction project finished yesterday and ideally under budget, right?

That can lead to a lot pressure from the client, which trickles down through your team.

Putting too much pressure on your team can cause what’s called burnout, and not only diminish the quality of the work but can also lead to longer time frames to complete projects.

What is burnout?

According to the leading experts, the definition of burnout is “An individual’s response to chronic emotional and interpersonal stressors within the workplace.”

They further expand that burnout exists at the intersection of three dimensions:

  1. Exhaustion, which results from working too hard for too long depleting your coping mechanisms.
  2. Cynicism, which is a distancing of someone from their job leading to the stereotype of the disgruntled employee.
  3. Inefficacy, which is a reduced caring about personal accomplishment, which leads to employees just giving up.

So, how do you help your construction team avoid burnout?

5 Tips to Help Your Construction Team Avoid Burnout.

  1. Prepare others to do tasks that you would like to do but don’t have time for. In order to take more responsibilities off your shoulders, teach members of your crew how to do things up to your standards.
  2. Schedule breaks and vacations. This needs to be done during the day and over the long-term employment of your team. Make sure that your team is taking their breaks and taking regular vacations and days off to avoid burnout. Don’t ignore this seemingly unimportant part of avoiding burnout. Rest is key!
  3. Give them ample resources. One of the major triggers of burnout is feeling like you do not have the resources necessary to complete the jobs you are assigned. Make sure that you are never asking your team to do things they are ill equipped to complete. Put your team in a position to succeed rather than adding to the odds they have to overcome!
  4. Define concrete rolls. Every member of the team should have a specific job description, understand their role, and be aware of what is expected of them in what time frames, both daily and on a long term basis.
  5. Acknowledge and reward. Team members need to know that you appreciate their contributions and that you notice their hard work. Reward excellent work with bonuses, incentives or promotions.

Madden Industrial Craftsmen is the leading industrial staffing company in the Northwest. If you want even more tips on how to keep your construction team from running like a well-oiled machine, contact our team today!

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