Increase your chances of getting hired after the military

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If you’ve left the military and started looking for a job out in the ‘real world,’ it can feel daunting or even discouraging when you’re not familiar with this completely different environment. Many veterans are highly qualified for the job, but never get a shot to show what a great Here are some important ways to get past some big hurdles, and increase the chance that you’ll be the one they make the offer to:

Learn how to use LinkedIn (and other social media)

Social media isn’t just for teenagers. Over 70% of employers say they will use social media to screen candidates before hiring them. Plus, they are valuable tools that can really help you research a potential job opening, and will help hiring managers learn more about you too! LinkedIn is the most important – so start there – but you’ll find that others, such as Twitter and Facebook, can really give you some invaluable information about your potential employer. Take the time to find out how they can help you in your job search. And LinkedIn also has a resume builder where you can leverage the time you spend getting your profile set up.


Find a mentor who has already done the transition from military

The civilian environment is a lot different from the military, and so someone who has been through this process can really help prepare you for what’s ahead. It’s not an easy transition and they’ll understand the common perceptions (and misperceptions) that you might have. They can warn you about the differences in culture, and give their insight on the new protocol and experiences to expect.


Prepare for the interview

It’s so important to be prepared to talk about the skills and positions from your military experiences, and how they fit for the particular job you’re applying for. This can take a little work because you’re used to talking with common jargon and verbiage that only veterans would understand. Research the company and position they’re hiring for, and translate how your various assignments in the military gave you the skills for your job. Practice talking about it over and over with a friend or in a mirror. The more familiar it is to you, the more natural it will come to you in an interview.


Show your passion!

Passion and enthusiasm can be the tipping point that convinces an employer to hire you. The best talent talks with energy and vigor about their own skills. They are proud of their accomplishments and can’t wait to show them off. There’s nothing more appealing than this type of genuine confidence that’s oozing from your every cell, so don’t hide your interest and conviction for your trade.


Your recruiting contact at Madden can help you with these and more! Give us a call and let us help you through the process to getting you hired.