How to Lead Your Business Through Change in Crisis

construction crisis - Coronavirus

The Coronavirus crisis has affected most businesses in varying degrees – for better or worse. The construction industry is no exception – and we here at Madden know that you’re probably still trying to navigate through all the change that’s unfolding. Here are some ways that you can be resilient and hopefully thrive amongst all of the challenges from this – or another – crisis:


Continue to Stay Informed

Because things are constantly changing in a crisis, it’s important that you continue to recalibrate and reassess your situation before reacting. It may help you to keep track of what’s changing in your business and specific industry, so that you’re better able to see unbiased information and patterns. Keep in mind that the media and news will tend to hype the latest changes – regardless of real impact. It’s up to you to take in the big picture and make decisions from a wider perspective; ideally one that’s relevant to your specific business situation.


Look For Short-Term Solutions

A crisis like the recent widespread Coronavirus can definitely affect your supply-chain! You may need to seek sources for materials, labor, and other requirements outside of what your business has used in the past. Allow yourself to be creative and realize that your solutions may be short-term for now, and that’s okay.


Enlist Your Team

Assemble a select group of your staff to create a team that can give feedback and ideas for solving problems and moving forward during and after a crisis. If possible, gather together people with a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, and ages in order to optimize the diversity of  your potential solutions. This may cause some friction at first, but the solutions will be more likely to stick.


Evolve For Long-Term

Both during and after a crisis, look at how you can make improvements for the long term. There are likely new opportunities and processes that can replace old systems, habits, or models. You may not even see some of these possibilities until the crisis is further back in the rear-view mirror, but it’s always possible to evolve and grow your business at any stage if you see the occasion to do it now.


Prepare For More Crisis

There are things that may still fall apart around you, even afterwards when things finally seemed like they have settled! Any big quake will usually have after-shocks that will continue to shake the ground you stood on before. Look at how you can prepare for more unexpected disruptions in the future. There might be something similar to this crisis that hits, or worse! What are possible scenarios and how can you strategize with a contingency plan?


Visualize a Better Future

As you’re on the downside of the crisis, it’s a great time to reflect on what we’ve learned. We can take any mishaps and misfortunes and adjust accordingly to make our businesses stronger. As you visualize a better future for your business, think about how these lessons relate to your company values, and how you can apply them to better support your customers and partners as well.


If you’re looking for craftsmen who can help you with your next project during this time of change, give Madden Industrial Staffing a call! We’re here to help you find the best craftsmen in the trades to match the talents you need to keep building.