How to Actually Impress Them in an Interview

Somebody came more prepared than the others... cm

In this job market where craftsmen are in high demand, it can feel a little like you don’t need to make as much of an effort at that next job interview. Let’s face it, if you’ve made it to interview stage, you probably already meet their minimum qualifications. You could probably wing it and find a decent gig. But if you want to be considered for the best jobs, and grow your skills and income, then you need to make a bigger impression at the interview. And the good news is that it only takes a little bit of extra effort to stand out in a big way. Here’s our tips for standing out in your next interview:

Connect with your interviewer.

Make an effort to really get to know the person who’s there asking you questions. Look them in the eye, and take interest in them as a human being. Establish rapport with them, and find an interest or friend you have in common. Ask them what they’re passionate about and what they enjoy about their position in the organization. Be open and make an effort to expand on your answers beyond a simple no or yes. If you can really connect with your interviewer, they won’t forget you.


Mirror them.

This is a tip that sounds weird, but can make a big difference in establishing rapport. If you’re a fast talker, and you notice their speech patterns aren’t as quick, then slow down just a bit. If they lean forward, then lean forward slightly as well – but not right away. The key is to be natural about it and not imitate them like a clown. Mirroring your interviewer skillfully will help them feel more comfortable with you, and it also encourages you to be more present with them.


Tell them you want the job.

It might seem obvious, but many candidates aren’t clear that they really want it! So be clear about what you’re interested in and why. The more transparent you are, the better it will be for everyone! Because if it’s not a good fit, or you misunderstood something about the position, then they’ll feel comfortable saying so, and you’ll be happy in the long run. But if it is what you’re looking for, your enthusiasm will help them be just as excited to hire you!


Review common questions.

There are several questions that you are very likely to get in most job interviews. Take just ten minutes or so to review them and practice your answers in advance. You don’t (and shouldn’t) have your answers memorized, but practicing in advance gets you comfortable talking about your strengths and talents. Also, think about specific projects you’re proud of, so that you can backup your answers with stories and examples.


Be engaged.

Make sure you’re prepared with questions too!  Be thoughtful and ask follow-up questions that clarify their responses, so it doesn’t feel like an awkward back and forth question and answer session. And take notes. This little action shows that you are seriously interested, and can help you evaluate later if it’s the right position for you.


Turn up the volume on you.

Bring your best version of yourself. Dress well, groom properly, and be authentically you. Show off your personality and talents. You’ll also want to be honest about weaknesses and what you’re doing to overcome them. Get rid of the pretense, because it won’t highlight what’s unique about you. Employers don’t expect perfection, they want real craftsmen who will work hard, and ideally add something amazing to the job too.


If you’re looking for a new opportunity to apply your unique talents and building skills, call Madden today!  We work with employers that are looking for talented craftsmen like you.