Why You Should Force Your Craftsmen to Go On Vacation!

Car with luggage on the roof ready for summer vacation cm

The summer months are usually busy for craftsmen in the Pacific Northwest, because we tend to schedule a lot of building projects when the weather is good. As that starts to slow down in the later months of fall, this is an ideal time for your craftsmen (and you!) to take a vacation – especially if they haven’t done so in a awhile. Recent studies have shown that over half of American workers won’t use all the days off that they’ve earned this year, and it could be worse in the trades where the demand for labor is high. But this is more reason than ever to take some time off. Here are some reasons and ways that we should all take a break:


Stress is a big issue for workers in any field, and research shows that people who don’t take vacations are at a much higher risk for a variety of health issues, including a 21% higher risk of death overall! This is aggravated on a construction job site where their lives are literally on the line if they’re fatigued. Plus, if any of your workers have sick parents or children, they’re almost twice as likely to have health issues themselves. Keep them (and your job site!) safe and make sure they take their earned days off.



You might need them, but you need them to be at their best while they’re there. Their productivity surely suffers when they’re over stressed and burned out. You may be surprised that workers that use all of their vacation are 6.5 percent more likely to get a raise or promotion – and this is likely because they are more efficient and productive. Make sure they take time off so they can come back refreshed with increased creativity, focus, and productivity on the job.



Between 40-60% of employees feel a sense of shame when they take time off! And although some of that may be self-inflicted, you don’t want to be that manager that discourages healthy time off. When your workers are pulling an extra load or putting in extra hours to get a job done, it can seem admirable. But if it becomes chronic, it’ll lead to burnout. Bottom line, when a worker is burned out, they’re more likely to leave. If you want a healthy productive team that stays on the job, encourage them to take a much needed break.



Your people are your biggest investment, so take care of them! Some ways you can help ensure that they are taking the time they’ve earned is to keep track of which workers haven’t taken workers days off so you can prompt them. Suggest they at least take a day or two, even if they can’t take a long period of time off right now. Remind them that a vacation doesn’t have to cost money, the key is to prioritize time away from job responsibilities. And don’t forget to set an example by taking your own vacation too!



Research shows that your workers are more likely to use days off when they plan ahead and give notice. Help them schedule it, so that there’s not a surprise and you can make arrangements to cover for their absence. Consider hiring an apprentice through the Madden Appreciation Program, to work with them before they go, so they’re ready to fill in while they’re gone.


If your current work culture isn’t encouraging vacation, we suggest you change it now. Madden Industrial Staffing is here to make sure you provide a work environment that attracts the most talented craftsmen available. If you’re looking for some labor to cover for a vacation – or permanently – give us a call today!