How To Improve Your Relationship With Temporary Subcontractors.

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Hiring temporary subcontractors is a great way for you to control your bottom line, and make sure that you’re only hiring talent for the building project that you’re working on right now, so you know you’re getting paid for it. But there is a price you pay for the flexibility you get from them – because they’re most likely doing temp or project work because they’re enjoying that flexibility too! They get to control their schedules around their own commitments – which means that you’re not always at the top of their list. Here are some ways for you to appeal to them and move higher on their list of priorities:


Pay Them Promptly

When you don’t have a steady and consistent paycheck, there’s an extra appreciation for the companies that they can count on to reward them for their work in a timely manner.  So when you pay them promptly, they’re a lot more likely to show up promptly for you!


Alert Them In Advance

Because they aren’t used to clocking in and out daily from 9 to 5, they might be on vacation or doing other side hustles just when you need them. If you want to make sure you get the best or your favorite talent for a specific job, then give them at least a week or two advance warning that you’re going to need them, with as much specificity as possible. Warn them of any schedule or project changes as soon as possible. Even if you think it’s not what they want to hear, they’ll appreciate the notice earlier than later, because they might have other personal or work opportunities that they can take advantage of. They’ll remember that you were up front with them when you want to hire them for the next project.


Don’t Be Cheap

Some first-time clients misunderstand and think that hiring subs for temporary or project work means these craftsmen are less experienced or will accept lower hourly pay than full-time workers. But the reality is that many of the most talented subcontractors will only work on a temporary or project basis because they know their unique skills are valuable, and that’s why they can build their schedule freely around their own life. Look to hire reputable subs who are highly competent, and they’ll help you get the job done with higher efficiency and quality. That goes for the materials you use too – give them the good stuff to work with, and don’t expect them to cut corners.


Ask Their Opinion

If possible, discuss the job in advance with them. Talk to them about any potential problems that they can see might arise, get their suggestions, and adjust as necessary! Good craftsmen will always have an opinion based on their experience and might be able to help you save money or avoid any big issues. The conversation may also provide insight on how best to communicate with them.  Besides, it’s also a great time to review with them about special requests from the client, jobsite requirements, and any of your own company regulations and guidelines too.


Allow For Wiggle Room

Delays on a construction project are common, especially now with Covid in the mix. You may want to hire them a week longer than you think you need, for example, so that they are available for you just in case! That doesn’t mean; however, you should use their flexibility to their disadvantage – just keep communicating with them of any changes to the schedule as soon as possible.  And you may also allow them unexpected adjustments too, so that each of you feels respected. This allows both parties to enjoy and appreciate the flexibility you have in this relationship to its full potential.


Most importantly, work with subcontractors you trust, and treat them like the rest of your team! If you need help finding skilled quality temp sub, contact your local Madden Industrial Craftsmen. We’ll make sure they’re the right craftsmen for the job with necessary licenses, reputation, and experience on previous projects. Plus, we can help take care of the prompt paying, clear expectations, and even safety training for you!