Why Craftsmen Thrive in the Cold Weather

Wednesday, 15 February
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For the average person, winter is an excuse to take it easy, show up late, and shed responsibilities. For craftsmen, it’s an opportunity to test your resolve and sharpen your skills. No amount of snow or drop in temperature is going to zap the craftsman spark. Here are a few reasons craftsmen thrive in the winter.

You always have the right stuff.

On the job site, having the right tools and gear is vital. The quality of your equipment determines your level of safety and the standard of your work. Craftsman take that same mentality to all aspects of their life even when prepping for winter. Your garage is outfitted with all the essential snow-fighting tools, and your closet is packed tight with weather resistant clothes. You’ve got everything you need to handle the worst of what Mother Nature might throw your way.

Craftsmen are mentally tough.

Winters in the PNW can be brutal. Dealing with sub-zero temperatures, freezing rain, and pounding snow for months on end is tough, but so are craftsmen. Fortitude is one of the essential craftsmen characteristics because these professionals are always facing challenges on the job site. Instead of seeing immovable roadblocks, you see obstacles to overcome. You’re used to performing intricate and demanding work in tough conditions daily. Winter is a breeze in comparison.

You have the craftsmen sense of humor.

Despite working in one of the toughest industries, craftsmen have a significantly higher job satisfaction than the overall workforce. Why? Because craftsmen know how to have a good time, especially in the face of adversity. Instead of seeing challenges as reasons to complain, a craftsman sees it as something to laugh at. There’s a distinct sense of humor among craftsmen that helps transform any situation into a reason to laugh. Winter brings plenty of these opportunities which allows craftsmen to get through the challenges with an unmatched light heartedness.

Craftsmen are problem solvers.

Winter brings a slew of obstacles that makes everyday tasks slightly harder and standard challenges even more difficult. While most are perfectly happy to use the snow, ice, and cold temperatures as a reason to postpone or abandon the task altogether, craftsmen are always ready to tackle the job at hand. Problem solving is one of the most important skills craftsman bring to the table link which makes wintertime obstacles a cinch. One way or another, craftsmen always get the job done.

You’re a winter weather pro.

Craftsmen carry on with their jobs even in the midst of the worst winter weather. Freezing rain? No problem! Relentless snow? Not an issue! Biting temperatures? Yawn… If craftsmen can still take care of complex, demanding, and pain-staking work throughout the winter, everything else is going to feel like a walk in the park. The cold season simply isn’t something that slows down a craftsman. No matter how bad the weather might get, it’s not something they haven’t worked through before.

You stick to the craftsman ethos.

As a craftsman, you have a right to be proud of your work ethic, determination, and ingenuity. It’s not an outward braggadocio but an inward acknowledgement of the craftsman ethos. This modest pride is a fantastic source of motivation whenever you feel like using the winter weather as excuse to take it easy. Deep down you know that the job probably isn’t going to get done unless somebody with the craftsman spirit is there to see it through.

There’s bad weather all year round.

While others complain that winter is the toughest time of the year, craftsmen are well-acquainted with the worst of all seasons. Whether it’s the summer’s blazing heat, the spring’s relentless rain, or the fall’s howling winds, you handle weather extremes throughout the year. The bitter cold is just another obstacle you’re ready to tackle on and off the job site.

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