Want to Be Happy at Work? Take a Job in Construction

Tuesday, 19 January
Happy craftsmen

Some people are cut out for desk jobs; however, chances are if you’re reading this post, you’re not one of them. Don’t feel bad. Turns out, you’re probably a lot happier than those desk jockeys — and I’m not just saying that. The desk jockeys at TINYpulse created an Industry Ranking report that proves it.

So why are construction workers so much happier?

More Work = More Choice

Construction jobs are on the rise. During the recession, many people accepted and stuck with jobs they didn’t particularly like, because they needed the work. They even did the work for less money than it was really worth.

Now that the economy is turning around, construction is booming. That means there are more projects, more firms, and more jobs. You don’t have to settle for less than the job you really want. And you can demand a fair price to do it.

This change is also having an effect on other key areas of job satisfaction…and with those changes, construction workers are even happier.

Supportive Managers

One of the key factors TINYpulse found that can improve an employee’s happiness is the support of their manager. When you’re on a construction site, chances are your manager is right there beside you. He or she sees what’s happening on the site, whether you have the right tools, whether there’s a problem, etc. If something does come up, they should be there to talk it out.

Opportunities for Advancement

There aren’t many jobs left that provide true on-the-job training and mentorship programs. Most careers won’t even consider you for a management role unless you have a college degree (and all the loans that go with it). The construction industry has long accepted that apprenticeships work better than textbooks. So while there are some programs of study out there that can help you acquire specific skills, most of your real training is going to be on the job. And when it comes to advancement, your chances are based on performance, not on a piece of paper.

A Community of Co-workers

TINYpulse found that 34 percent of the happiest employees enjoyed their jobs because of their colleagues. Yes, desk jobs have co-workers…but only if they can find them through all those cubicle walls. Construction, by its very nature, is a collaborative effort. Craftsmen must rely on each other through every stage of a project, and that type of reliance builds trust and strong communities.

Of course, if any of these perks are missing from your job site, we’ll refer you back to our first point. Construction is booming, and there are plenty of other jobs out there. So whether you’re thinking of leaving that desk job for a happier career or looking for the right job site for you, contact a Madden Recruitment Specialist. Our team specializes in placing craftsmen with the job site that fits their skills…and makes them happy.

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