Overcome the Skilled Labor Shortage Through Staffing


It’s no secret, the pool of available construction laborers is shrinking, and it has been for some time. As our country’s education policies favor college preparation to job skills training, fewer students are considering careers in construction. The Great Recession forced many companies and contractors to lay off workers and reduce their hiring, making the career path unfavorable to many newcomers. And as the baby boomers start retiring, the staffing shortages are just getting worse.

Now that the economy is improving and construction projects are on the rise, finding qualified workers to fill this new need is becoming increasingly difficult. Fortunately, the team at Madden Industrial Craftsman can help.

Working with Our Community

Yes, there is a shortage of skilled laborers, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. In fact, we work with highly qualified laborers every day, and we continue to bring on new candidates all the time. We have profiles of more than 3,000 active craftsmen in the Northwest region who are looking for work, which we can use to help you find exactly the right skill set for your open positions. Plus, we’re actively seeking out the next generation of skilled workers through our community connections with local colleges, training sites and the military.

Providing the Skills You Need

We also know there are plenty of hardworking craftsmen who might have what it takes to do the job, they just haven’t received the right training. That’s why we provide skills training and skills testing, preparing our job candidates for the work you’re looking for right now. If you have a special need, let us know. If there’s no one out there with exactly the right skills, we’ll find someone ready to learn.

Reaching this Generation

The newest generation of skilled laborers doesn’t look for work the way their parents did. Gone are the days of stopping by your corporate office to fill out an application, or even calling to get one in the mail. If your business is not actively pursuing online applicants and running a comprehensive search on social media, you’re missing out on highly qualified candidates. Madden has you covered there as well as we work to find great job candidates throughout online networks.

No matter what your construction staffing needs, Madden Industrial Craftsmen can help you find qualified candidates to fill them. Give us a call today.