What Clients Hate About Construction Companies


We know you’ve probably experienced some nightmare clients, but don’t forget plenty of clients can tell some pretty awful stories about their construction project too. At Madden we’ve found that there are some pretty common errors that give construction companies a bad reputation. Here is a summary of the main things that clients hate, so that you can avoid making the same mistakes:

Can’t Deliver

We’ve all experienced missing a deadline or budget. It’s happened to the best of us, because in any project there’s bound to be unexpected things that come up, even if we build in cushions.  But don’t bid on a project unless you’re sure you have enough resources to deliver on it. It’s irresponsible to put your name in the hat if you don’t have enough staff, time or knowledge to complete a project. When you win a bid you can’t handle, you may end up needing to hire new people don’t have the experience, or aren’t a good fit with your team. It’s bound to be a disaster!

Don’t Communicate

Clients hate it when you don’t reply to telephone calls, texts, or emails. Communication is key to keep them informed and updated. It might feel like it’s a hassle, but it’s part of your job to respond to their complaints and requests to sort out their problems. Be honest and forthright about issues that come up, and keep them in the loop with any changes – no matter how small. You never know what little thing might be important to your client, so solve it with simple clear communication.

Poor Quality

Most contractors want to be proud of their work, but you might be tempted to sacrifice it for a rush job, or when you sense the need to bid low. It usually takes more time and budget for a job to be done well, so make sure to account for that and communicate all of this to the client. Unfortunately, poor quality work usually has to be redone, so it’s going to cost you or your client more in the long run. You’ll regret not doing it right the first time because it’ll hurt your reputation and your bottom line.

Not Safe

Shortcuts in your work can also lead to unsafe practices  – which could cause injury and death as well. Don’t sacrifice safety for budget, time, or anything else. It’s just not worth it. The proper planning and training is crucial! Make sure you have enough workers for any given project, and that they have the proper safety gear: gloves, shoes, eye protection, etc. Another major thing clients hate is a messy job site, so keep it clean and orderly – which helps keep it safe too.

Madden can help you find top craftsmen that are a match for doing work that your clients will love, not hate! Give us a call, and let us help attract and hire the best craftsmen for your next project.