Non Residential Lighting Trends


Good lighting is important because it can truly enhance the environment for the inhabitant users. And on the construction side, we need to conform to applicable codes and standards, including any new energy code requirements. More and more research has shown the importance of light to health and productivity. Research shows that LED lighting in particular can actually reduce absenteeism and help improve staff retention and attraction in the workplace. This means that lighting can be a key tool in the commercial space, and the trends in lighting reflect this.

Smart Lighting

Like other data-driven systems, lighting can be integrated with sensors to give a more comfortable and secure environment – both on the interior and exterior. Control systems with easy to use software applications and/or voice control makes it easy to use and manage from anywhere for maximum efficiency, saving time and money.

Alternate Power Sources

Integrating or partnering with solar and wind power sources is beneficial for any energy code compliance that is increasingly being required. Micro-grids (local separate energy grids) and small stored energy options (devices such as batteries) are also helping in this effort in many cities across the world. Collaborations between new lighting and power sources makes sense because, ultimately, the end-user is the same.

Higher Lumens

Temperature is a big factor with lighting, and the lighting used with any given product must run within a certain range for the installation to last longer, and also provide the best comfort. Lighting products that have higher lumens per watt will run cooler. They also use less energy and last longer, even though they may often have a higher installation cost.

3-D Printing

3-D Printing is making production faster and lowering costs for the electronics industry. It’s also much less expensive to prototype and create custom lighting for a specific space with this new printing technology. There’s also usually a reduction in the parts that are needed for any given installation, which companies like GE are using and celebrating in all areas, for both their commercial buildings and vehicles.
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