How to Decide if it’s Time to Get a New Job

Frustrated manual worker

If you’re feeling bored and complacent, it might be time to get a new job. Craftsmen are in demand, so now is definitely a good time to see what other options are available to you, if that’s what you decide. You may be hesitant if you’re not completely miserable, because it’s human nature to stay comfortable and avoid change. But if you spend most of your hours each week not being challenged or inspired, you’re probably hurting your career in ways you didn’t realize. Change might be exactly the very thing that will help you grow and prosper! Here’s how to know if it’s time to move on:

You aren’t that excited.

Apathy is a big sign that you shouldn’t stay. If you’re showing up late, or finding reasons to skip meetings, events, or trainings, these are huge indications that you just don’t care about the job or organization anymore. Unfortunately for you, that looks like poor job performance to your supervisors. This makes you less hirable because you’re leaving a bad impression with your colleagues and employers. And it will definitely affect any future promotions. We recommend you get a job that inspires you to put in your best work, whether it’s with your current employer or elsewhere.


You don’t get along with your boss.

There’s no other influence on your job that’s as significant as your boss. If you can’t see eye to eye, it doesn’t matter who is right because they’re the boss. They can really make work miserable for you! If you just can’t seem to agree on anything, they’re probably holding you back from opportunities to grow. It’s almost impossible to get past this sticking point, so if you can’t quickly improve that relationship, we recommend you start looking for another job as soon as possible.


You’re not able to contribute.

It never feels good when your opinion is constantly being poo-pooed and suggestions are ignored. But if this is a pattern, then it shows either a lack of communication or respect (or both!). Start tracking whether your contributions are acknowledged and rewarded. Notice if and when you and your colleagues are empowered to speak up and make change. If you’re not, consider leaving.


You’re feeling burned out.

If you’re working a lot of overtime that you’d rather not do, you should definitely talk to your employer about your concerns. This can lead to lost sleep and poor health – and it’s simply not safe on the job site. While you might like the extra money, you’ll eventually resent all the extra hours you’re working! If they’ve got you working a lot of extra hours, it’s going to get extra sloppy work and it won’t be good for anyone, especially you. If your employer can’t agree that it’s not safe or productive to be burned out from all those hours, begin your search for something else.


It’s not about the pay.

If you’re constantly frustrated, and you look at that check on payday and wonder if it was worth it, it’s probably not. You never have to stay stuck, and you might be so much happier with a totally different pay structure that rewards you in other ways. And, don’t assume you can’t improve the pay either. Even if you have a super generous compensation package, you might actually be able to find something better! Take a close look at what makes you feel rewarded, so you can get ultra clear on what you want in your next job.


If you decide to apply your unique talents and building skills elsewhere, call Madden today!  We work with employers that are looking for talented craftsmen like you, and can help you find a job that will help you improve your career and life.