How Can Your Construction Company Have a Great Community Relationship?

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Having a strong presence in your local community is important for any business. In construction, it’s essential. The more available you are to your community, the more often they will think of you when there’s a project to be done. Keep your distance, and so will they.

Building those relationships doesn’t happen overnight. It takes patience, active effort and just the right approach. Here are a few tips to help you build those essential relationships.

Contribute Yourself, Not Your Money

Anyone can throw a check at the community. Yes, they’ll appreciate it. But it may not have the return on investment you’re hoping for. You don’t make new friends with a check (unless you count the mail carrier who picked it up). You don’t build name recognition with a check (your name was on the check, which they deposited). And even if the group you donated to appreciates your charity and reciprocates in the future, you’ve still only connected with one organization.

Rather than simply sending money, make a point to be present and engaged at community events. Your actions will be remembered more than your money, and by a lot more people.

Be Helpful, Not Aggressive

Building community relationships is about lending a hand, making yourself available, and being an active participant. That’s it. If you force yourself into the spotlight or deliver a sales pitch to every person you interact with, you’ll be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Likewise, if you come across as anything but friendly and polite, you’ll be remembered in that light. Volunteering isn’t about making sales or beating out the competition. Save that for the boardroom. In the community, your only goal should be to make a good impression.

Offer to Help in Ways that Showcases Your Company’s Expertise

This is your chance to let the community know the value of your company. If your team builds industrial parks and you spend an afternoon handing out flowers, no one is going to make the connection, even if it’s for a great cause. On the other hand, if you offer safety education classes — a subject you should be an expert in — your contribution will leave a lasting impression, especially if a local business is looking for a local contractor they can trust to manage an efficient, safe worksite.

This is not to say your organization should stop donating money to important local causes. Those organizations still need your financial support. But next time, hand-deliver the check on your way to helping out.

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