How a Staffing Agency Makes for a Better Job Site Overall

Wednesday, 09 February
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Hiring the right talent is key to running a successful construction business. No matter the scope or scale of the project, project managers need experienced, talented, and cohesive team members to get the job done right the first time. If you’ve been struggling to bring on the best craftsmen consistently, you should consider working with a staffing agency to offload the hiring burden. The professional staffing services offered by these experts can improve your entire job site in a number of impactful ways. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most compelling advantages of working with a construction staffing expert.

Reduces employee turnover.

Project managers understand the construction industry’s massive turnover problem better than anybody. With a staggering 64% of hires under the age of 24 not working out in the end, construction businesses across the industry are struggling to find talented craftsmen that want to stick around for the long term. A candidate might look perfect on paper but lack the desire to make the ongoing commitment you need from team members. Staffing agencies can help greatly reduce this high turnover rate by identifying craftsmen that are invested for the long run. With the reassurance that new hires are going to stick around, you can focus on the big picture instead of being stuck on the day-to-day demands of the job.

Frees up valuable resources.

Labor is the single biggest expense for construction businesses accounting for 20-40% of their budgets on average. This outsized allocation is perfectly reasonable since the foundation of any successful construction company is talented craftsmen. However, the inefficiency of standard hiring practices means project managers are throwing away money by spending more than necessary. And that’s not the only valuable resource being wasted. Construction businesses also lose out on unrecoverable time through ineffective hiring strategies. The money and time you save with a committed staffing agency can be put towards other areas of your business that need improvement.

Speeds up the hiring process.

In the construction industry, it takes an average of 12.3 working days or a little over two weeks to bring on a new hire. That might not seem like too long, especially when compared with the national average of 23 days, but every second counts when you’re competitively bidding for project leads. The quicker you can assemble the team you need, the more jobs you can take on which means more income. Working with an experienced construction staffing agency can reduce the hiring time to just a few days while still increasing compatibility so you can load up your schedule with more projects

Increases flexibility and agility.

As a project manager, your staffing needs are always changing. One project might only require your standard construction team while another demands a beefed-up crew with additional specialties. When you have a well-connected and experienced staffing expert handling your hires, you can pivot smoothly between projects of varying size and duration. Instead of eating up valuable time to restructure your team in preparation for the next job, you can flexibly scale your team up or down depending on your current needs. This improved agility will make it easier to take on the most advantageous projects without needing to filter based on your team’s limitations.

Better-matched craftsmen.

Craftsmen are your construction company’s most valuable asset. And just like any other business asset, you want to optimize the talent you hire for maximum returns on your time and financial investment. But trying to balance hiring with all of your other responsibilities as a project manager will inevitably lead to shortcuts and, as a result, ill-fitting hires. Partnering with a talented construction agency, on the other hand, gives you access to a highly effective, proven, and personalized hiring process. All you have to do is provide a clear description of your ideal candidate and the rest will be taken care of for you!

Tired of wasting valuable time and money on inefficient and ineffective hiring solutions? The construction staffing experts at Madden Craftsmen are here to help! For decades, we’ve helped project managers find the talented and experienced craftsmen they need to tackle their projects successfully. Contact us today to learn more about the staffing services we offer. Let’s build something together!

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