Get Your Cover Letter to the Top of the Pile

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You’ve heard plenty of gimmicks for getting your resume noticed: insist on handing it directly to the boss, use brightly colored paper, send a box of chocolates…and a million other tactics that not only don’t work, but will probably get your resume thrown in the trash.

The fact is, gimmicks don’t work, because recruiters get paid to find the best applicants, not the most obnoxious. When it comes to making sure your resume stands out from the crowd, it’s all about saying the right things in the right way.

Skip the Buzzwords

Any employment guru can give you a long list of buzzwords that may sound impressive to someone who has never done your job. But recruiters don’t care about buzzwords. They care about accomplishments. Instead of telling them you’re a hard worker, show them with concrete examples of your past roles, responsibilities, and successes.

Sell Yourself

If you have special skills, make sure you list them, especially if the job description specifically calls for them. These days, the first review your resume gets is often from a computer. If you don’t list the skills they’re looking for, your resume won’t ever reach a real person.

Remember not to oversell yourself. That time you helped your dad fix the bathroom sink doesn’t make you a professional plumber. If your resume is unbelievable, or your references can’t validate your claims, you won’t ever get an interview.

Remember the Details

If you forget to mention the position you’re applying for (or the company) in your cover letter, chances are the recruiter is going to forget about you. And if the hiring manager is listed on the job posting, or you can find their name somewhere else, make sure to list it. A personal touch always helps.

Save the Salary for Later

Stating a salary requirement on your resume is not only unprofessional, it could keep you from ever becoming a job candidate. If your listed salary is too high, the recruiter might think you’re overqualified. If it’s too low, she might assume you’re not ready for this level of responsibility.

The same goes for listing previous salaries. Your goal with a resume is to get yourself in front of the hiring manager, so you can sell yourself in person. If you do a good enough job, they may be willing to stretch to meet your salary requirements.

Do Your Homework

Take the time to research the company you’re applying for and tailor your resume and cover letter for them. Highlight your experience and skills that match their needs and mission, and let them know why you’re the right choice not just for the job, but for their community.

Remember that every application should be taken individually. When you’re ready to start applying, contact your Madden Recruitment Specialist. They can help you tailor your resume for each opportunity and offer advice for getting it to the top of the pile for industrial laborjobs.