Easy Lunches On A Construction Job Site

3 construction workers sitting on machinery-cm

It can be difficult for us craftsmen to get in a good lunch on a jobsite! It has to be easy and convenient to pack and eat, but also high-energy with all the calories we need to keep going on our highly physical tasks. And, let’s be honest, it sucks to have the same ol’ lame ol’ peanut-butter sandwich every day. We want variety… and sometimes hot meals too! So here are some great lunches that are extremely yummy and nutritious too:


Meat Hand Pie

It doesn’t get much more basic than meat with pie crust. And it’s easier to make than you think, especially if you use store-bought crust. Of course you can add flavorings and ingredients to your heart’s content. The best part is that it’s one of the easiest, least messy lunches to enjoy. Grab and go – like an energy bar – but way more satisfying!


Caprese Pita Pockets

Okay this might seem kinda fancy for a jobsite lunch. Let’s get real though Pita pockets make it simple to stuff just about anything inside and call it lunch… and it doesn’t get much easier than mozzarella and tomatoes with a little vinegar and oil. Using string cheese, as this kids recipe calls for, makes it even easier… and a little less gourmet if that suits your unfancy self better.


Breakfast Burrito

If you like breakfast-for-lunch, this is a great option, and pretty inexpensive too. It’s essentially eggs with sausage, pepper, cheese, and onion wrapped up in a tortilla shell. What’s great is that you can make several of these ahead of time, wrap in foil and freeze them, taking them out once a week or so as you need them. Olé Olé!!


Salad Cups

Salads aren’t the easiest thing to eat on a jobsite, so if you love your greens, then pack ‘em up in a clear to-go cup. This way, you can layer in all the ingredients, making sure that your egg and dressing is available with each bite. We also suggest adding in some sort of lunch meat to ensure that you have plenty of protein to keep your


Turkey Chili

Soups, chilis, and stews are great lunches for the jobsite, especially if you have a proper thermos to put them in to keep warm! They can pack a ton of nutrients and protein, able to be spoon-fed quickly and efficiently! This turkey chili recipe is particularly healthy and bean-free, so less chance of being ‘that guy’ and scaring off your fellow craftsmen by passing gas.


And if you’re looking for a new jobsite to enjoy these yummy lunches at, give us a call or visit us at mici.com! Madden Industrial Craftsmen will match your experience and training to employers who are looking for talent like you.