How to Give Yourself More Options

Comp Dream Job

Here at Madden, we notice that when craftsmen are really out hustling on a job search, there can be a lot of options that suddenly open at once. This is actually a great scenario, because when you have more options, you have more opportunities to pick from. If you only have one option, then you might commit to something that isn’t ideal.

This is more likely to occur when you focus on the methodical steps in a plan to get somewhere, rather than focusing on giving yourself more options in pursuit of their goal. As you’re in search of your new job, here are some ways that you can give yourself more options, and position yourself to have your pick from more than one opportunity:

Look around

The first step is to start to be aware of the many options that are available to you! If you shift your perspective, you start training your brain to think about the alternative paths to get to your goal. You’ll start to consider how to accomplish things you never thought possible before.


Talk to more people

It’s easy to stay stuck your comfortable circle, or in one mode of communication. But opportunities start with people. The more conversations you have, the more options you’ll have. Go to parties, chat it up at the coffee shop, or invite a friend to throw a line in the river. Don’t pressure yourself to land an opportunity, it will just happen naturally. But you gotta get out there and talk to people first.


Save up for an opportunity

We all know we should save up for an emergency. In this case, think of it as a side fund for an option that will present itself. If you have a little money in the bank, yes it might save you in a pinch between jobs – or it might allow you to take advantage of a really amazing opportunity. A trip, a retreat, who knows… it’s another exercise in leaving your options open.


Learn a new skill

Is there something that you’ve been wanting to learn? Maybe there’s a trend in your sector that you’ve been thinking about getting trained on. Expand your opportunities by being multi-talented. New combinations of skills can work synergistically to make you unique and stand out in the job market.


Get a side hustle

It’s nice to have a little income on the side, and most craftsmen can use their talent creatively outside the job site. You could invent a product that the industry needs, buy and flip a home, or sell handcrafted wood furniture online. It’s easier than ever to make an extra dime, with the bonus satisfaction of knowing you built it yourself.


Don’t forget that we, here at Madden, are a great resource for more options too! One call to us is connection with many different positions, as we work with a variety of employers looking for talented craftsman candidates just like you.