Why the Start of a Construction Project Makes an Enormous Impact

MICI February 3 com

It is a well-known fact in the construction industry that the first steps of tackling a new project set the tone for the success of the project itself.  Even if the planning is impeccable and safety precautions are put into place, if the relationship with the client and project manager is not amicable, the project is already off to a shaky start. It is true that what really makes projects move along is the quality of the labor itself, but there is an undeniable ‘human’ element to all projects that can make or break the overall success.

No matter how big or small a project is, there are common issues of mistrust between owners and project managers. It is not uncommon for clients to worry about being financially taken advantage of by contractors, and contractors have to fulfill all aspects of the project requirements while still remaining within the constraints of a budget and time limit.

This causes a natural rift between parties, but this can be eased by setting a shining example for yourself and your team by monitoring your body language and tone throughout the startup process. Even the first introduction to the client should be a chance on your part to establish trust and reliability so that moving forward, all lines of communication are open and honest. A firm handshake and an amicable tone can go a long way in establishing a good relationship with your client. Avoiding one-sided language while still remaining frank about what can reasonably be accomplished within the client’s parameters can also eliminate the risk of miscommunication over the course of the project’s completion.

Another goal to keep in mind when starting a construction project is to establish priorities in the construction process with all parties involved in the project creation. Once the main goals are agreed upon, there is a better understanding of what the client truly wants out of the agreement, and they may be more lenient towards the lesser of the goals in case of a delay or mishap.

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