What Steps Are Being Taken to Minimize Deadly Construction Accidents?

Worker climbing at construction site

It is no secret that working in the construction industry comes with several risks to workers health. Working with heavy machinery or other imposing tools onsite requires a significant amount of keenness for safety. Luckily, accidents are down as of recent years, but now isn’t a time to become lenient – deadly accidents still occur at frequent rates.

A safety research team has been working on a tool that can measure risk factors, something that can prove useful in minimizing deadly mishaps. Industry experts realize that even with careful safety measures and flawless execution of dangerous tasks, fatalities still occur, which is why this tool is being developed in order to try a new strategy for minimizing onsite fatalities in the construction industry.

While safety and preventative measures may not be enough to prevent all deadly accidents, they still play a crucial role in minimizing work injuries.

Here are a few simple ways to make sure that your team is operating safely and efficiently, so that safety hazards can be spotted and taken care of accordingly.


The best way to have a better grasp on where there are safety loopholes in the field is by checking in constantly with field workers and their superiors. Workers with a better understanding of safety hazards are more likely to avoid them. Clear communication between workers about what tasks are being done and how they are doing them is also a good way to prevent any accidents from happening.

Plan Ahead

Last-minute decisions regarding equipment are a recipe for disaster. Keeping equipment up-to-date and ready for use also plays an important role in keeping worker safe on the job. Detailed safety plans constructed ahead of time provide clear instructions for workers on how to proceed in the event of a safety irregularity.


Peer safety evaluations and mandatory safety meetings should be conducted on a frequent basis so that any concerns can be addressed directly to a supervisor. Safety meetings should address specific concerns of the day, whether it be new machinery brought onsite or a new step in project development, and should be held on a daily basis so that all members of the team are on the same page.

Remember, accidents are inevitable in construction, but taking proactive measures can decrease the risk of injury and fatal accidents onsite.

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