Should Temp Work Be on Your Resume?

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Make no mistake, temp work may not be the longest employment stint in your career, but it is very valuable nonetheless. It may have been a less-than-ideal position years ago, when a long career with one company was valued, but in today’s workforce it is more than acceptable to take a variety of job offers over the course of your career, temp work included.

Here are three great reasons why you should not only include temp work in your resume, but you should be proud of it, too!

  1. Temp work shows that you are taking initiative to improve your skills

    Temporary employment is great for your career because even though it’s not a long-term position, it is an opportunity to improve your skills and maybe even learn new ones without the commitment of a full-time position. It can be used to further skills you may already have, or get your foot in the door of an industry that you have little previous experience with. Either way, it’s a non-committal way to learn something new, and prospective employers will always appreciate your willingness to grow your skill set.

  2. Taking a temporary position makes you look proactive

    Even if temp work might not be the most glamourous career move in your eyes, it is good to show that instead of waiting around for another long-term position, you took initiative to go to work and be constructive. After all, furthering your career with supplemental work is much better than having an employment gap, and is much easier to explain to an interviewer than taking time off work.

  3. Temporary employment expands your network

    While there might not be a permanent job offer at the end of the temp position, the people you meet during your time there may be able to provide you with references or help you score an interview in the future. A prospective employer viewing your resume may very well appreciate the fact that you are broadening your horizons with temp work, and the connections you make at your temp job might prove to be the extra boost your long-term career needs.

When you include temp work on your resume, all the normal rules of quality resume writing apply; make sure to focus on the impact and achievements of your position instead of day-to-day tasks, and don’t be afraid to call the position what it was — temporary! It is commonly accepted that prospective employers don’t want a flaky, unpredictable employee, but you can use your temp work experience as a way to say that you want to finally settle down, and were using temp work as a gateway to long-term employment.

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