Residential Building Trends


If you do a lot of residential construction, you may be wondering what some of the latest trends are, so that you can start incorporating some of the recent homeowner interests into the design and product of your next home build. Here’s the trends we’re seeing here at Madden:


Indoor Environmental Quality

Indoor environmental quality  – also known as IEQ, measures the health, comfort, and productivity of the resident with moisture control, good ventilation acoustics and low-VOC emissions. It’s different than Indoor Environmental Quality, in that IAQ primarily looks at the air of a building’s interior and how it affects the occupant’s potential health and comfort. IEQ is more all-inclusive – not just what we breathe – but what we feel, hear and see inside a building. IEQ is also a key component of the LEED™ (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system.


Outdoor Living

Homeowners have been maximizing their livable space by utilizing outdoor areas for kitchens, dining, lounging, and even shower or bathroom spaces. And with new inventions in heat sources, such as an outdoor fireplace, firepits, and freestanding heaters, these areas can be used year round even in colder climates. Especially now that grass lawns are becoming less common, homeowners are using the space for   Including smaller lots as well – in fact maybe even more so as it allows homeowners are taking full advantage of usable property.


Quiet Spaces

With the rise of freelancing and working from home, home offices and multimedia studios are on the rise. This has created a demand for spaces that have removed noise and distractions. In addition, there has been a trend for creating a peaceful space in the home for meditation or other serenity and reflection. With this has come a desire for a visually pleasing oasis with calming colors, lighting, and minimal furniture as well!


New Industrial Materials & Style

Most residential builders have seen the prominence of the rustic farmhouse style in recent years. The use of metal, wood, and stone is now evolving into creating a space that’s more industrial with smooth simple lines and asymmetrical forms. The new style is also incorporating a mix of different textures including iron, aluminum, recycled plastic, and other modern materials to give both the desired look and reduce construction costs.



The foyer, which is most traditionally found in larger homes, has growing in popularity in smaller homes and condominiums. The formal entryway of a foyer gives that sense of arrival, and allows for transition and gathering as residents are both coming and leaving the home. The foyer doesn’t need to take up a lot of space either; the average foyer is about 3% of the total space in a typical new home.


If you’re looking for craftsmen who help you in your next residential home building project, give Madden Industrial Staffing a call today! Madden will match workers that have the experience and training you need for the job.