Best New Year’s Resolutions For Your Craftsmen Career

Tuesday, 24 December

It’s almost the new year, and if you’re like most people, you’re going to set a few resolutions or goals for yourself. But unlike the masses, we Craftsmen value our excellence and artistry in our work, and that includes new year’s resolutions. We never stop striving to be better at our craft, and take pride in the goals we set. That means if you’re wanting a better career, it requires you to make quality resolutions that you’re willing to commit to. Here are the ones we here at Madden think will make a bigger impact on your Craftsmen career:

Be on time.

Being on time sets a standard for yourself, and shows you’re a serious Craftsmen. When you’re on time, or even early, you’re showing that you’re organized and reliable. This are highly preferred traits to exemplify whether you’re happily employed or looking for a job.

Meet people.

The best opportunities start with having conversations with people. It doesn’t have to be formal informational interviews either, although we definitely recommend that too! Simply chat with someone in line at the coffee shop, or invite a friend to work on a project with you.

Learn new skills.

Increase your value and demand by learning something new. Being multi-talented will also make you different and stand out in the job market! And with so many innovations in our industry, there are plenty of things you can learn. We also have an apprenticeship program if you’re new to the trades!

Practice safety.

The US Bureau of Labor confirms that safety can save your life. Learn more about safety, take more safety precautions, and you’ll reduce your chance of an incident by up to 94%! There’s almost no better resolution than that.

Communicate more.

Ask for feedback from your supervisor on a regular basis. Don’t overdo it, but depending upon your role, a quick 15 minute conversation once a month to check in and see if they’re satisfied with your performance can help you see which areas you can improve in, and increase your skills exponentially faster. Confront any big issues right away; it will earn you a lot of respect.

Be original.

If you haven’t already, find that one thing you love and be the best at it. When you’ve got a unique talent, you become more hirable and people associate you with your specialty.


It’s okay to take small easy steps – and don’t forget to track your progress! We often over or underestimate what we’ve accomplished – so monitor your actions, even if it’s just on paper. And if you’re looking for a new job in the trades, or are interested in getting into the trades, contact Madden Craftsmen! We can help you find work, guide you to an apprenticeship program, or point you to scholarships or other resources you need.



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