Alternatives To The Christmas Party


Holidays get so busy for everyone, sometimes the idea of one more event feels like a burden instead of a gift for your craftsmen. Consider alternatives to the typical party to celebrate and bring the team together. There are many other ways to get them involved and excited to participate! It’s also an opportunity to do something purpose driven together – and incorporate your values too. Here are some ideas outside the average:


Active Outing

Rent out a gym for the day, with a trainer that teaches your craftsmen some new weight-lifting techniques. Rock-climbing or ropes circuits can also be a good team-building challenge. Or take the staff out on a guided fishing trip, ski trip, or zip-lining.


Holiday Competition

Craftsman love to compete! And they love to cook too! So create a contest with blind taste testing for festive food – such as a chili making contest, cookies, holiday punch, and more. Give a prize for the top 1-3 recipes from the taste test, and send out the recipes to the staff so they can make it later for family during their own celebrations.


Team Giving

Work together as a team to give to those less fortunate. Encourage your craftsmen to collect toys for a toy drive, or coats for a coat drive, etc. You could create a contest for this activity as well – with a prize for the craftsman that is able to gather and donate more of the goodies from friends and family.


Building Project

Build something together that helps the local neighborhood – building a playground project for a school in need, for example, or work together on shelter for the homeless. Not everyone has the unique skills and talent of your craftsmen – and you can utilize them to give back to your community.


Group Entertainment

Rent a suite at a local soccer, football, or basketball venue so you can all enjoy the game together. Or reserve a couple of tables at a comedy club or local music event. They’ll love the opportunity to enjoy time with each other outside of the worksite.


Awards Ceremony

Christmastime is the perfect time of year to celebrate the accomplishments of your team. It might also incentivize them to perform better, so they can work more effectively towards that reward next year!


Posh Potluck

A potluck doesn’t have to be hokey. Host a nice dinner party style event, where you all sit around a table and break bread. You could even rent a nice space with a kitchen, so that some of the cooking could be done onsite too! Or hire a chef who is willing to plan the menu – but then use your craftsmen as his kitchen helpers, and you can all work on a gourmet meal together.


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