4 Ways for Your Construction Team to Stay Cool This Summer

Monday, 09 May
Bored Construction Workers

Summer is almost here, and temperatures are already beginning to rise. The warmer weather is a welcome change, but it can also create a new danger on the worksite. The heat can exhaust your team, the sun can burn, and hard physical labor makes everyone prone to dehydration.

To prevent injuries and illness, follow these four steps to keep your team cool and healthy this summer:

Keep Your Team Hydrated

Dehydration can happen any time of the year, but it’s more likely in the summer heat. Mild dehydration can result in impaired or slow performance; more severe dehydration could result in an accident, injury, or worse.

To prevent dehydration, make sure to keep water readily available on the job site. Sports drinks and other beverages can help too, but water provides better hydration and health benefits. Make sure to monitor your team and remind everyone to drink regularly. If you see anyone looking excessively tired, dizzy, or weak, get them out of the sun and drinking immediately.

Encourage Proper Dress

Your worksite probably isn’t the place for shorts and t-shirts, but make sure your crew is dressing appropriately for the weather. Light shirts, loose pants or jeans, and a brimmed hat will help keep them cool and prevent too much sun exposure. For extra protection against the heat, pick up some helmet fans and give one out to everyone.

Offer Sun Protection

Don’t expect your team to apply sunscreen on their own. Many people who work outside every day think they don’t need sunscreen, but they need it more than most. Keep sunscreen on hand and encourage your team to use it liberally. If you provide safety glasses, pick up a set of safety sunglasses too. Tinted shades for helmets can also prevent eye strain and work accidents.

Change Your Schedule

If possible, schedule projects early in the morning or even overnight. If that’s not an option, plan to work on more rigorous tasks before lunch, when the heat and sun are less intense. If there’s indoor work or any labor that can be done under shade or in a cooler location, schedule that during the early afternoon.

Encouraging your construction teams to follow these tips will result in better results for everyone. Not only will your team members benefits from some practical ideas, but the results will improve as well. Working at their highest capability will lead to your team producing higher quality products in an efficient fashion.

For more safety suggestions or to start building your summer team, contact Madden Industrial Craftsmen today!

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