4 Traits to Look for in Great Construction Employees

Construction Employees

Good help can be hard to find… and this is especially true in the construction industry. The current labor shortage has made it even more difficult to attract and retain the kind of employees that will make your company great.

And it’s not like it was super easy to find the best employees before the shortage!

At Madden Industrial Craftsmen, we know what it takes to find the right employees as we have been striving to be the leading industrial staffing company in the Northwest for many years. We know exactly what kind of employees have success, and which don’t.

Over the years we have found that the most successful candidates consistently have these four traits.

1. Resourcefulness

The most important trait that a construction worker can have is resourcefulness. On a site, things do not always go as planned, so employees need to be flexible and resourceful in order to find their way around the obstacles that inevitably pop up along the job. Ineffective employees give up at the first obstacle or wait for someone in charge to tell them what to do. Resourceful employees keep trying until eventually they find something that works!

2. Hardworking

Construction is an industry that expects everyone to work hard every day. That’s just the job requirement. It’s not enough to just work hard, great employees pay attention to the small stuff. Construction is not an easy industry or the right job for someone who is looking to coast or goof off all day. Great construction employees give 100 percent, all day, whether they are being supervised or not.

3. Loyal and Honest

We had to combine two traits here, but they really go hand in hand. Great employees are loyal to the company they work for and the values it represents. They don’t jump from job to job depending on what’s paying the best, or quit during a job. Honesty speaks for itself, but is extremely important in the construction industry because of the dishonest stereotype of constructors clients often have.

4. Team Player

The last trait to look for in a great construction employee is being a team player. A construction site is a team, and everyone on that team needs to be invested. Bad employees constantly complain about their roles, or want to only do certain tasks or jobs. Great construction employees know that they are only a small part of a larger puzzle, and do their best to do whatever the team needs them to do. 

Madden Industrial Craftsmen strives to be the leading industrial staffing company in the Northwest. Let us help you find your next great employees today. Contact one of our staffing professionals who will be more than happy to put you in touch with your next superstar employee!