Unique Bathroom & Outhouse Construction Innovations

Portland Loo in the park-cm

Madden was integral in designing and the Portland Loo, the city’s famous standalone bathroom found on sidewalks around town. Because public toilets have a history of problems – often subject to vandalism and damage in short time – they worked closely with the City of Portland to create a public restroom that is uniquely made to deter crime. It’s made with grated slats in order to keep people from lingering while still giving privacy. The Loo is not easily destroyed either, because of the strong steel wall panels, which make it have a coating that also makes it easy to keep clean. Plus it can also be solar powered and installed just about anywhere.

Since Madden has continued to build The Loo for Portland and other cities, we’ve discovered that it’s definitely not the first or only uniquely designed bathroom. There are so many innovations in the potty industry that you might be surprised! Here are some interesting construction innovations for public toilets and bathrooms around the world:


Prefabricated Materials

The Portland Loo is prefabricated and can be assembled largely off-site if needed! It’s uniquely made with coated steel panels that can be replaced with age or damage. New innovations in prefabricated bathroom include using concrete or recycled materials, but most are done with some sort of wood. One unusual prefabricated restroom is an art installation, located in London that has one-way mirrors as walls, making the user feel like they’re exposed! Click here to read more.


Bullet Proof

For dangerous situations and locations, you can construct a bathroom that protects the users from bullets, including bullet-proof glass. In Bejing China, there’s a $100,000 bathroom that could even handle TNT explosions! Click here to read more.


Swiss Army Style

There’s a toilet-sink-shower “vertebrae” contraption that swings out from and drains into one pipe, giving maximum efficiency and saving space at a whole new level! It’s apparently popular with sky divers and other outdoor extremists. Click here to read more.


Conveyor Belt Potty

There are new toilets that utilize a conveyor belt in the toilet! The belt takes poop to area back behind the bathroom, helping with smell…. And one in France aims to help the earth by creating compost pile where the poop lands. Click here to read more.


100% Ecological

The urban ecology center in Wisconsin has a bathroom that uses all  rainwater, is solar powered, and all materials are recycled or made of organic compounds, the waste is also disposed of with worms. Click here to read more.


Planter Boxes

Paris is also attempting to be green in a different way, creating little red urinal planter boxes, or “urirottoirs,”’ around town – in plain sight! These open-air urinals have planted vegetation with a straw layer that keeps orders out, with nutrients underneath that help turn it all into fertilized compost. Click here to read more.


Urilift Pop-Up

Like Portland Loo these are made of steel and right on the city sidewalks- but they pop up from underground at night (10p-3am) to keep the public from urinating on streets in several European cities. Click here to read more.


Backyard DIY

There are all kinds of tiny bathroom options you could build for your own backyard, with walls made from almost anything you can imagine like hay, glass bottles, and tin roofing materials. With new composting toilets and turd-eating worms, you don’t even need water or electricity! Click here or here to read more.


If you’re feeling the urge to hire craftsmen for a unique construction project, Madden can help. Give us a call, and we’ll you find the workers that match your job requirements so you can get back to building!