Common Misconceptions About the Construction Industry (And Why They’re Wrong)

Despite being one of the largest employers in the entire US economy, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around about the construction industry. Many of these misunderstandings or downright falsehoods are keeping prospective craftsmen out of the field. Here, we’ll set the record straight once and for all by clearing the air on some … Continue reading "Common Misconceptions About the Construction Industry (And Why They’re

How to Kick Those Coffee Jitters

There’s nothing quite like a warm cup of joe to kick start the day. With it, you feel alert, more energetic, and ready to kick butt at work. Without it, you’re slow, groggy, and lethargic. But for all of the advantages that coffee brings, there’s one seemingly inevitable downside: the jitters. Every once in a … Continue reading "How to Kick Those Coffee

Why Spokane is the Perfect Place to Enter into the Construction Industry

Looking for construction opportunities in the northwest but aren’t sure where to look? Spokane and some of its nearby regions are a great place to start. This city has had a booming construction sector for years and that trend is continuing to grow. With well-established employers, open positions, and a host of construction projects lined … Continue reading "Why Spokane is the Perfect Place to Enter into the Construction

Top 4 Seattle Fishing Holes

There’s nothing quite like getting lost in the great outdoors to recharge the batteries after a long stint on the job. With all of the natural beauty surrounding Seattle, there’s no shortage of great fishing spots. There’s something relaxing about being outside, listening to the sounds of nature, breathing in the fresh air, and taking … Continue reading "Top 4 Seattle Fishing

The Skills Craftsmen Bring to the Job

Craftsmen aren’t made…they’re born that way. It’s something innate. While skills can be refined and developed, there’s something to be said about what a craftsman can instinctively bring to the job. It’s these characteristics and tendencies that make certain people perfectly suited for this line of work. Sure, specialized capabilities can be learned, but the … Continue reading "The Skills Craftsmen Bring to the