General Laborer (Former Employee) – Indeed Review 4 Stars

Sometimes you take a low paying job if there’s not much available, and sometimes you land a really good spot and end up getting hired on. My experience has been mostly straightforward – show up to the job site, do the work, and text or email a photo of my timecard at the end of the week. They’re usually good about letting you know about the conditions & environment, what attire to wear, and any PPE you’ll need.
They had some gear available for purchase in the office years ago and used to deduct it from your paycheck if you needed the advance but I don’t know if they still do.
If you’re sent to a job and they’ve got other workers along side you it can be a bit of a headache – the personalities and individual work ethics can really vary and make any task a whole other project in itself. On the personal level it isn’t so much to deal with but sometimes one has to wonder if they’re damaging the relationship with the customer you’re working for and thereby sabotaging any future work.

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